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It’s been a few months. Of leaving Colorado, loading all our stuff in storage and living in my parents’ basement, looking for houses in Saint Paul (we finally got the fifth one we offered on), getting kids launched into new schools, updating drivers’ licenses and vehicle registrations, you get the idea.

We’ve been moved into our new house for just over a month now, and we’re starting to get reacquainted with living in the Twin Cities, eleven years after we left it. There is so much going on here, and I’m excited to dig into it! Last Saturday we went to hear The Salt Vine and Annie Mack at the Aster Cafe; Tuesday night we sat in on a dress rehearsal for Sam’s Son, an upcoming musical; and last night Nathan and I biked over to Humboldt High School to hear the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra give a free concert for residents of our neighborhood – and then on over to Wabasha Brewing to sample beers from our most local brewery (we were not disappointed – Cathedral Porter and Darktober, mmm!).

I’m eager to start playing music here again. We’ve got some big renovation projects happening in our house that will take a lot of our attention for probably the first year we’re here, but I’m hoping to at least get out and hit a few coffee shops soon.

In the meantime, here is a very rough laptop recording of a song I wrote this summer. (We haven’t gotten the recording equipment set up yet.) You can glimpse our gutted kitchen through the doorway behind me! Reminds me a little of this video Nathan and I made years ago in the house we gutted in Owatonna.


You’ll never recognize your life’s undertow

That subtle subcurrent stays hidden

Till what you should have done a long time ago

Meets what you are because you didn’t

Keep your eyes open wide

Wear your heart on the outside

Clowns and cynics clog our pocket scrolls

We search for angels on the airwaves

We trip and tangle in the threads of trolls

Ensconced in our respective enclaves

Reach your mind towards the light

Hold your soul through its dark night

Keep your heart open wide

Wear your eyes on the outside

Of all of this cursed and kissed existence

You may not feel it for a long hard time

But joy comes ever back around

And nothing beautiful stays in the lines

And demagogues eventually fall down

Raise your voice through the haze

Hold my hand through these dark days

Keep your ears open wide

Let the best songs inside

Of all of this cursed and kissed existence



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It’s been a rough few weeks of gray and rain here in usually-sunny Colorado. But I am happy to report that I will be playing out tomorrow night. I’ve even got a couple brand new songs to play!

The show will be 7:30-9:00 pm on Friday May 22nd at Starry Night Espresso Cafe, 112 S. College Ave in Fort Collins. (www.cafestarrynight.com)

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An ode to globalization, selfies and Jesus junk. I wrote this song shortly after reading The Story of Stuff, in which author Annie Leonard traces the stories behind the everyday stuff we westerners build so much of our lives around.

The song focuses on the people around the world who work, often for short pay and long hours, sometimes in slavery, often in generally poor conditions, to make the stuff that I think is so vital to my quality of life. In making the film to accompany the song, I chose to take a good hard look at my own face rather than further exploiting the beautiful and tragic faces of those who suffer just so I can save time and money perpetuating my comfortable lifestyle.

This video’s purpose is not to inform, inspire, call to action, or entertain. It is mostly to confess, lament, own up to the truth – that my perfect little plastic world is built on the backs of a good part of the real world.

I will not be swearing off my iPhone, my imported grapes, my sweat-shop-produced clothing. But I will be honest about the stories behind the things I allow into my life. There are many perspectives on globalization and the good or evil that it does to people and the planet. There are not easy answers. But this is something worth talking about, acknowledging, wrestling with.

A great place to get started is Leonard’s book, which, along with lots of other resources including some cute little films (whose purpose actually is to inform, inspire, call to action, and entertain), can be found at www.storyofstuff.org.

A couple other links:

About people (including children) mining for cell phone parts in Congo – http://www.congocalling.org

A fair-trade cell phone I just came across today (I know nothing about it, but looks like something worth checking out, *note – only available in Europe) – http://www.fairphone.com

A post I wrote on our less-updated blog golopomo about the environmental impact of our stuff – http://golopomo.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/humanature/

Electronic waste (e-waste) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_waste

*This video and song are shared under Creative Commons. You are free to use/adapt/share as you see fit. An mp3 of the song is available for free download at my Soundcloud page – https://soundcloud.com/julia-tindall-bloom/aint-that-grand

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Let’s declare today St. Eponine’s Day. The day before St. Valentine’s Day should be the day to remember our unrequited loves and the currently unrequited lovers who won’t have an easy time of it tomorrow. Eponine (the tragic character from Les Miserables) will be our patron saint of heartbreak. And not just the romantic kind – there are many kinds of lost-dream grief, as anyone over thirty can attest. This is a song I wrote for all of it.

You see without seeing, know me without knowing me
Kiss without catching my fever of love
You hear but don’t listen, touch me but don’t feel me
Spin me around on this cold dance floor
You are my everything
I am your Eponine.

She has two eyes, but they’re only eyes
And you’ve seen other eyes before
What’s in those two eyes that you’ve never seen
In all of the moments you’ve looked into mine?
She is your everything
I’m just your Eponine.

I’m lost but you have just been found
I’m blinded by the truth
You so clearly see away from me.

Desire betrays me, destiny mocks me
The stars of my dreamworld all fade in her light
I know I’m defeated, I give, I surrender
But where to retreat when my homeland’s forsaken me?
You were my everything
I’m still your Eponine.

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What? It’s September already? Here at The More I Learn the More I Wonder, we are doing more wondering and wandering than writing these days.

But also writing and recording more music. This videosong is our tribute to British imaginations and their lifelike creations.

There are lots more songs in the works and a full-length album getting near the end of gestation too. So, though the blog is taking it easy, it doesn’t mean I am!

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